Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!  How has everyone's week been?  Mine has been grand!  Last week I told you that I finished the Waves Scarf...well, I got it blocked too....I love the stitch definition!  The second picture best captures the color of the scarf/yarn.

It appears I finished it just in time too.....guess what I got in the mail?  The Strickmich!Club package number is delightful!

The Welthase yarn is delightful to knit is soooooo soft and squishy!  I took the skeins home to wind them (mine and Darlene's...remember, she is a member of the club too) and she went home and sewed us custom bags just for this project.....remember, I am Darlene's sewing guinea pig so if you ever see something wrong on a sewn bag she made for worries....I love them any way she sews them for me....Here is the yarn and the bags (the small bag has some upside down material)......

Let me tell you how awesome these bags are....I posted them on the Strickmich!Club forum and a lady that is also a member of the group loved then so much, she ordered some from Darlene.....this might have a little bit to do with the soon to come announcement about Darlene...but my lips are still semi-sealed......

I actually want to give a HUGE shout out to Paula Henderson in Tyler Texas......I found out that she reads my blog (we first got to know each other through the first shipment of this club).  In fact, she knew about this blog where Darlene made me the Eiffel Tower Pink Sock Sack!  She placed an order with Darlene for 3 bags.....the bags above (large and small matching) and a sock sack.  Thank you Paula for reading my blog and the awesome order of bags from Darlene!!!!  

The last comment on the Strichmich!Club is my current progress on the latest project....

This past Saturday evening, Jaime and I went to a Hot Rod Car Show.....Back in October of last year, Jaime bought a 1972 Chrysler is the perfect orange color!  Well, we took the scamp to hot rod night at Soda Pops in was awesome because Jaime brought me a folding table and chair....I sat in the corner and knitted on my socks (that match the car) and gabbed with the girls while the guys did car talk.....

One of the guys could not believe I was just sitting there knitting....he said "Really?" and I said "Really!"  A good friend of mine, Julie, came out too....I was able to give her the beautiful baby blanket for her grand daughter and she made me this awesome cup....I love it!  It is perfect burnt orange color....Thank you Julie!!!!!

I also got quite a bit of knitting done on the Miss Bab's knitting tour project number 1.....Silver fern.  I have the 1st 1/2 done and have cast on from the other end and am on the second color from that at....I am loving the way this is turning out.

I also got the yarn to start my friend's son's Dr Who Scarf.....I am using this pattern, for the Season 12 scarf....but I cast on 56 stitches instead of is 10 inches wide and I am sure it will block far I only have 8 rows done...but hey, it is started!  I will probably need more yarn later, but this is a great start!

Lastly, I have a little bit of braggin' to do on Jaime....I got to do NOTHING but KNIT on Sunday and I loved every bit of it....he BBQ'd some awesome ribs....I brought some for lunch and I had 3 or 4 ppl stop by my desk to drool at them.....I know they do not look all that appetizing in the bag...but trust me....they were delish!  Thank you Jaime!  :)

Well, that is really all I have for this always, have a great week and Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Febreeze? Bleach? It's NOT the same!

Hello everyone....My week started off terribly....I was about to leave for work when I thought my room could use a little freshening grabbed the febreeze bottle from under the bathroom sink...sprayed laundry basket, the dogs bed pillow, all over my bed (partially sheets/partially duvet cover) when I realized that there was bleach in the febreeze bottle.....yup, it was nobody's fault but my own...I had put that bleach in that bottle MONTHS ago and wrote all over the front label to let me know it was bleach....but, I did not look at the label...the bottle was blue, I knew that meant it was a febreeze bottle and yikes!  The worst was my laundry basket....on top were two pairs of my favorite work pants....they were black and now sprayed with bits of white/red where the bleach hit it....I can live with the spots on my duvet cover and sheets....but my work pants....they were may favorite (I already looked, Macy's does not have them anymore).  Oh well.

Some good news is that I got lots of knitting done!  I finished the Hojas y Bayas shawl, and my Hiya Hiya Waves Scarf (I still need to block the scarf).....

Remember the whole Dr. Who scarf commission?  Well, I ordered a Dr Who Scarf kit from a LYS in Austin so I can make the scarf for my friend's son.  When I got the kit, I found out it was kind of a 1/2 makes a 12 foot scarf, but 1/2 the says this kit is an 'Austin Friendly' kit that is lighter for the weather and to cast on 32 stitches but if you want the full scarf, cast on 64 and buy two kits....I was a little upset with the yarn shop for not being more forthcoming about this little bit of information, but after a little discussion here and there, she will let me return the kit and no harm no foul...I will order the yarn elsewhere, it will just take a little longer to get to me.  No rush.....I am still working on the Miss Babs Knitting Tour scarf called Silver Fern, I have some socks on the needles for a Hiya Hiya KAL and my second installment of the Strickmich!Club should be here this week or next....  I wanted to share a picture of a Dr. Who Scarves so in case you are clueless like can see how big they are.....this is actually my friend dressed as Twi'lek from Star Wars standing with a friend of hers...he is wearing the dr who scarf....this is the 4th cosplay Dr. Who Scarf.....

My socks and Miss Babs Scarf are pretty much at the same place as last week so I do not have any more pictures of them.....But I won something!  This past weekend at SNB, it was also Inskein Yarn's 1 year anniversary celebration....I bought some raffle tickets and WON!  Look at this yarn awesomeness!  Thank you Inskein Yarns for the fabulous prize and congrats on one year!!!!

I also have a small stash enhancement....I am a member of the Barking Dogs Yarn club and I get 6 surprise skeins of sock yarn every is my April is called Butter and it is awesome!!!

One blurb I wanted to put in to tease all is I will have big news has to do with my best friend Darlene!

Well, that is about all I have....It has been a crazy week and I am sure I have forgotten something, but hopefully I remember by next week.  I leave you with my favorite 'sign'....for those of you who know who Jeff Foxworthy is, he did this comedian line with "Here's your sign!"....after my day of spraying my room wtih bleach...a friend of mine sent me this via is, I say to you:

Here's your sign! (in perfect Jeff Foxworthy tone)

Happy Happy Happy knitting everyone!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Allergies Go Away

I am afraid to say I am late again at posting my newest blog sorry!  Antonio has been sick and I really think it is the allergies.  It is not cedar fever, but it must be oak fever because that is what has been really high lately.  Even I have been suffering a bit with watery eyes and itchy nose.  So Antonio and I stayed home Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Yesterday we went to HEB to get some medicine for him...some homeopathic cough medicine and can you believe that Allegra makes a "Children's" formula...and it covers children only 2 years old.

He is doing better today and is with his other Grandma today (because I had to get to work).  I did have some good knitting time when he was not clinging to me to be cuddled.

I started a new shawl....I am on row 10...on row 9 is a stitch called a nupp...I think it is from estonian knitting...let me just say it is not natural...because on row 10, you have to, that is not a typo....purl SEVEN is very hard and makes me want to scream....I will be happy when I am past that part....but I know this shawl will be worth is a gorgeous shawl and I am really loving the colors of this knit picks yarn.

I worked quite a bit on my waves scarf...I just started skein 3 of 4 so I am 1/2 way done.

This past Friday Jaime went out of town on a long motorcycle ride so I was home and knitted only on my socks....I got quite a bit done (at least I think I did).....almost done with gusset on first sock.

Then, there is the Miss Babs scarf....I am on the 3rd color of 7 according to my handy dandy chart I made myself, I am 33.93% done...yippee!!

Last August I blogged about a yarn bowl I got myself.....well, I love it!  And recently the maker of that yarn bowl asked me how I liked it...I realized I did not use it very often because I am afraid to break I decided I did not want to be afraid anymore...and I want to use it (what good is it if I do not use it very often)....So I have plans to use it much more often...doesn't my yarn look awesome in it?

What I did not mention is....back in September or October of last year I asked this same lady to make some coffee mugs I saw on a show called "Mountain Men"....the mugs were for Jaime....he loves I want share a picture of the mugs and also point you to Karan's etsy shop...she sells pots and glass and is welcome to take special orders.

I loved these mugs so much...Karan had a second set that she saved for backup that I ended up buying....They will not spill coffee!!!  

I was also contacted about doing some commission is a good fried of mine from Facebook...I have not seen her in about 10 years or so, but I would love to knit this item for is actually for her 12 year old son....he wants a dr who scarf.  She sent me this link and I am going to see if I can get all the yarn and knit this up for him....I told her that it would take a while so not to be in a know how I am with my ba-jillion projects at one time.....I actually did a little bit of yarn organizing in my room....I have 2 bins full of wollmeise yarn....I knew I had a lot but I did not know I had that much...I really need to go on a yarn diet (she says after saying she is going to buy yarn for her friend's son's scarf).

Anyway....sorry I was late...but I leave you with a cute picture of Antonio playing with my stitch markers.....

Happy Happy Knitting everyone!

Monday, March 24, 2014

HYPERCRAZY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Done!  It's Done!  Did I mention it was done?

Yup....My Hypercrazy is off the needles and blocking.  The bind off took me over 2 hours.....I was texting it to show ppl I was almost done.  I am pretty proud of this shawl.  The lighting is not the greatest, but you can see how big it is.  I am also using my new blocking board made out of insulation board that a great friend, Anne, made me.  I love it!  When I soaked it, the water turned a little purple...but the yarn is just perfect for this pattern......look at the close ups....I have a picture of it as I started to bind off and then a close up as it is stretched out on the blocking board....I could have stretched it even more, but I was tired, and just wanted it blocking so I could take a picture.  I have about 82 grams probably enough for a hat or pair of socks or mitts or something.

I will still finish my second Hypercrazy in the Biker Chick colorway, just not for a while.  This was for my SNB's 1st qtr KAL.....for the 2nd qtr, we are going to knit Hojas y Bayas shawlette.  It is a much smaller shawlette and uses about 260 yards (not 1400).  This Shawlette is designed by a friend of mine that I met at SNB many years ago.....her name is Dana and she has some wonderful designs.  Check out her blog too.  I ordered 4 skeins of chroma fingering weight for this shawlette from knit picks (paperback, prism, lollipop, watercolor)....I think I am going to use watercolor.....I am not sure yet.

I worked a little bit on my Miss Babs Knitting tour is a very easy pattern to memorize.  I have made myself a calendar so I can be done with this by end of April...but I am already behind, but hope to catch up tonight.....

Paige starts her first day of work at a barber shop today, they will have her as a receptionist till she finishes her boards and is licensed.....I am sending her lots of great vibes, feel free to do the same!  Well, I wish I had more to report, but the Hypercrazy sucked up all of my time this week...but it was worth it.

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, March 17, 2014

I must have spoke too soon!

Sad contract terminated last Thursday.  It seems that not everyone files their tax returns in a timely manner.  The buyer that we were in contract with was pre after they made the offer it was time for the lender to get all the fun statements, pay stubs, tax returns, etc.....but the buyer did not have tax returns for the last few years because he was in the field (military, va loan) and when he came back stateside he did not file...I do not know how long the time frame is that you have to file, but I think now that he is filing, he has too many penalties, or they are trying to straighten things out.....either way, it will take too long (we were supposed to close April 22) and they had to terminate the it is back on the market since buyers lending fell through.  There were a few showings this past weekend and one person said "interior needs paint"....hello!  I just had about 75% of the interior painted and have the paint bill to prove it....oh well, I know the perfect buy is out there somewhere....I just wish they would look at that house and make an offer soon....ha, ha!

Knitting.....well it is pretty much the same as last week.  I do not think I worked on the scarf or socks at all last week...only my Hyper is coming along and I am one row away from my 10th repeat (there are only 11 repeats, so that is good).  According to my semi-accurate calculations, I am about 70% done with it.

I had a little stash enhancement....remember the Miss Babs Knitting tour I signed up for?  Well, we are going to New Zealand!  I was so excited to get my package this morning.  Darlene got her package last Friday so we got to take a look at hers first.  Mine made it to my desk this morning and it is just gorgeous.  Darlene is on vacation today and tomorrow (boo hoo, I won't see her till Wednesday) and I think we will cast on then (because we have nothing else on the needles) is a beautiful scarf.....

Darlene also made me a new bag for us to put this new project in.  She is making herself one has the cutest dogs and cats on it, I love it!  and it will fit all 7 skeins of our yarn perfectly!  She rocks!!!

Now I have another idea for you....I do not come up with all these ideas but see others teach them or mention them, etc.....When I was at Darlene's a while back, she showed me this this awesome quilting board/wall.  I told her it would be awesome for blocking....she had never thought about it for blocking.  I have blocking mats which are great for blocking but some items would block even better if you could let them 'hang' from some blocking wires and then pin a 1/2 pi shawl or something.  Well, a lady that goes to SNB did a class at Inskein Yarns on how to make a blocking board out of insulation board from Home Depot or Lowes.  A regular insulation board is 8 feet by 2 can have Lowes or Home Depot cut that board into 4 pcs....each one being 2 feet by 4 feet.....then you will tape them together but in a manner that they can be folded accordian style....then just cover and glue it with a 1 inch by 1 inch gingham pattern fabric (it helps with measuring) is one pre material....when I get mine, I will take another folds and stores in a 2 foot by 4 foot area like under bed or in closet.

Well, that is really all I have for this week.....I hope to have more next.....Happy Happy Happy knitting....I leave you with some of my favorite knitting pictures.